Sunday, February 24, 2008

Live From New York..

Watch these, watch these, watch these. Props to Tina Fey and SNL for having the guts to point out how obviously biased CNN and the rest of the media have been in favor of Obama during the election. Suck it, Oprah.

And, if you don't believe there's some kind of media bias, think about this:

1. Obama's Record- It's thin, pales in comparison to Clinton. He was little known until the 2004 DNC when he made a good speech and people thought "hey, this guy could be president". He's running based on charisma and rhetoric. If Hillary had the same record as him, she probably would not be a candidate.

2. Plagiarizing Speeches- Obama lifted paragraphs out of Deval Patrick's speeches, and defended it saying it's ok because he's a friend and supporter. And on top of that, Clinton gets ridiculed for calling him out on it. Can you imagine the controversy that would be if Hillary took passages from speeches by Bill or anyone else? She'd be crucified.

3. False Campaign Material- Again, Clinton is getting attacked by the media for pointing out something untrue- that Obama sent out campaign material claiming Hillary's health care plan forces every person to buy health insurance. If she had done that, the media would be on Obama's side and everyone knows it.

4. Creating Momentum- The media started counting Clinton out even before Obama became the frontrunner. She was still beating him in delegates, and in my opinion came out of Super Tuesday with the advantage. Yet the media played it up as Obama gaining momentum, and Hillary being vulnerable. And as soon as Obama got that minuscule 100 or so delegate lead over Clinton, forget it. They said she was done and started wondering when she was going to "go home" and give the Democratic Party a fair shot against McCain.

Obama has been THE media candidate this whole election, and has pretty much gotten a free ride. There's a gross double standard and it's not fair. But CNN has chosen, and unfortunately I think a less deserving candidate in Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee. I'll still support him, but trust me when I say the Republican machine is going to eat him alive in the general election. While I still think he can definitely beat McCain, we're going to be seeing a far different race than we're getting now, and I hope his campaign is prepared for the inevitable attacks from the Republican party.

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